Lease Service

Lease Image

1. If it can not be repaired, or has uncertain situation in the country, Also, Origin maker difficult to cope with an emergency case, Customer can use the rental service temporarily.

2. Lease the board in the medium to longer term.

Repair Service

Repair Image

1. The most common form of Repair service. Takes a week.

2. It’s useful when customer has a spare board.

Swap Service

Swap (맞교환) Image

1. Exchanging with a good board when customers have defects with their board.

2. Customer does not need to prepare spare boards.

Stock & Swap Service

Stock & Swap Service Image

1. About the board that faults frequently occurred, customers could prepare a stock(Good board) in advance, then they immediately use the stock board in case of emergency.

Repair Service - Repairable item

Model Maker Board Repair Type
Repair SWAP Stock
TS670 Yokogawa
ST6730 Yokogawa
ST6730A Yokogawa
T6371 Advantest
T6372 Advantest
T6373 Advantest
T6673 Advantest
T2000 RF Advantest
S230 Shibasoku
Quartet Credence
UltraFlex Teradyne
T5335 Advantest
T5335P Advantest
T5365P Advantest
T5581P Advantest
T5581H Advantest
T5592 Advantest
T5593 Advantest
T5371 Advantest
T5375 Advantest
AL6050 Yokogawa
AL6050S Yokogawa
AL6090 Yokogawa
AL6095 Yokogawa
HP4062C Agilent
King Tiger King Tiger
UF200 Accretech
UF200S Accretech
UF200SA Accretech
M6741A Advantest